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Title Book: Fruitless Fall
Author : Rowan Jacobsen
ISBN 10: 1608192539
ISBN 13: 9781608192533
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Category : Nature / Environmental Conservation & Protection
Languages : en
Pages : 288
File Size : 42,8 Mb
Total Download : 441
Total Read : 47

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Description :

Many people will remember that Rachel Carson predicted a silent spring, but she also warned of a fruitless fall, a time with no pollination and no fruit. The fruitless fall nearly became a reality when, in 2007, beekeepers watched thirty billion bees mysteriously die. And they continue to disappear. The remaining pollinators, essential to the cultivation of a third of American crops, are now trucked across the country and flown around the world, pushing them ever closer to collapse. Fruitless Fall does more than just highlight this growing agricultural catastrophe. It emphasizes the miracle of flowering plants and their pollination partners, and urges readers not to take the abundance of our Earth for granted. A new afterword by the author tracks the most recent developments in this ongoing crisis.