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Title Book: Conscious Robots
Author : Paul Kwatz
ISBN 10: 095506970X
ISBN 13: 9780955069703
Publisher : Peacock's Tail Publishing
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Languages : en
Pages : 92
File Size : 50,6 Mb
Total Download : 800
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"Lives up to all the hype" "An absolutely necessary book," "Should be taught in schools," "Dynamite, this is a brilliant book" - see the reviews on

150 years since Darwin, 75 years since we understood DNA...
...and we still can't face up to the reality of being human.

-- Why we're so convinced that we're in charge when we're really just carrying out evolution's instructions
-- Why our lives, as Buddha suggested, are inherently unsatisfactory, despite our luxurious homes, successful careers and loving families
-- How humans will one day take control of their conscious minds, get happy and stay happy.

107 minutes (average read time) to change the way you think about everything.
Unfortunately, it won't make your life any better... unless you're extremely rich. So not much point reading it, really.

"Easy to understand and persuasive"
"Reminded me of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett"
"Fun, short, insightful"
"Bad Ass "