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Title Book: Mentoring My Master
Author : Anthony William
ISBN 10: 1682221725
ISBN 13: 9781682221723
Publisher : BookBaby
Category : Fiction / Coming of Age
Languages : en
Pages : 265
File Size : 45,6 Mb
Total Download : 558
Total Read : 95

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Description :

Corey’s parents become perplexed when their son’s inexplicable knowledge of the Native American circle of life begins to change their lives. Could his newly purchased stuffed dog from the Sulky Plow Country Store have magical powers or is it the imagination and introspective curiosity of their young son. Mentoring My Master is a coming of age story about six-year-old Corey Clark whose attraction to a toy dog named Rufus could alter his life forever. With the help of a Grand Canyon park ranger, an eccentric 70-year-old Shaman, and his new best friend, Corey will discover the “Rufus Rules,” twelve principles for living a life abundant in possibility and prosperity based on the Native American circle of life. Mentoring My Master is an inspirational story on self-awareness. It is both educational and motivationally entertaining and will touch the inner child in all of us.